Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why your Super Nintendo codes don't work sometimes

Beleive it or not you could be the best Super Nintendo programmer in history and not even know it. What makes a good Super Nintendo programmer is the ability to come up with ways around limitations. The only issue is there is bad documentation on issues such as interrupts and stacks which seem unimportant but can really glitch up your code if you don't set them up the correct way.

For the last few months I've been working on a MegaMan-like action game, but I've ran into a problem early on that took me a long time to fix. I was trying to program the AI/physics of the player sprite, but everything I did glitched out. I asked other people to tell me what I'm doing wrong, they asked me for my source code and I gave it to them. This was 3 weeks ago and they still never answered me. I've got it to work correctly before they were even able to answer me.

To solve the problem I had to keep tinkering with the interrupts and stack until I finally got it right. I doubt the people who are taking me so long to answer this problem actually know themselves, simply because you can search all you want but there isn't any good documents that deal with interrupts and stack enough for anyone to completely understand it.

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